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Signature Series

We partnered with some of the greatest people in their respective fields to help us create unique timepieces that live up to their name. Each watch we create in this series features their signature or logo.

above the rest

Designers at heart we pride ourselves on creating watches that others aren't. We're constantly looking for ways to combine materials and designs not commonly seen in the watch world. 

Minimalist Designs, Unique Materials, Truly One of Kind Watches

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Materials we work with



Using reclaimed wood is where it all started for us. Our first set of watches were constructed with this material and we plan to continue that trend for a long time.



What goes together better than leather and wood? Nothing, thats what. We started creating leather and suede straps in 2018 and a lot of our future designs will feature them.



Strong, resilient and water proof. Steel allows us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't be able to. Future watches will feature a lot of 50/50 wood and steel designs.

Forged carbon fiber


The most exotic and difficult material we work with by far. Our Carbon watch features it on its dial, creating a one of a kind look typically only reserved for super cars.

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